Partners of Knowledge Cookie Education

At Knowledge Cookie Education we only partner cutting-edge trainers and education consultants. This means that our clients can be assured of up-to-date training in line with legislation, current frameworks, and government guidance. Currently, we are working with leading training companies such as Chris Quigley Education and Osiris Educational who are both at the forefront of innovation and excellence and use the most renowned trainers in the country. We are also collaborating with the Northamptonshire School Business Management Forum, which is affiliated with the National Association of School Business Management.

The Northamptonshire School Business Management Forum

Membership to the forum purposely consists of business managers and bursars from all school phases, including:

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Special Schools
  • Foundation Schools
  • Trust Schools
  • Community Schools
  • PFI Schools

Course Content

Also, each of the former seven county area improvement partnerships is represented by a business manager from their area. This ensures all aspects of school business management, and the way the roles affects the schools, are discussed by the group, and that every part of the country is represented to maintain well-disseminated information.

Contact us now, in Northampton, Northamptonshire, for more information about our work as a school training provider.